David Coria & Ana Morales / Concert / PRAHA

BRNO - KC Semilasso - Sobota 8 Pros. 2018 19:00 / PRAHA - Divadlo Broadway - Pondělí 10 Pros. 2018 19:00

Communication is vital for every person. And it is from this premise is based on the performance Palabra y gesture, which develops the basic lines of this concept.

This is a show without a plot axis, which is based on the conversation between the singing (the word) and dance (gesture), and in the context of a common language: flamenco. Sometimes this is done with kindness, slowly and gently, sometimes passionately and with hot fury, but always in relation to this unique and persistent need for a person: the need to communicate.

Through language, which is flamenco's own, penetrates from its more traditional spheres up to the most advanced. We perceive here the explosive dance and then all of a sudden again a kind of internal dance, that we feel under the skin. And all this with deep respect for the classical dance figurám, which are connected with the peculiar modern manifestation, and that a persistent equilibrium, which is intended to allow desirable mutual conversation


Choreography - Ana Morales, David Coria

Vocals - Miguel Perez Ortega

Guitar - Jesús María Torres

Percussion - Federico Daniel Suárez Laso


Block 1: the Levantine chants (Malaga, Taranto, Cartagena...)

Block 2: farruca, tango...

Block 3: romance, soleá, fandango...

Approximate length of performance: 70 minutes.

BRNO KC Semilasso - Saturday 8 Pros. 2018 19:00

PRAGUE - the Broadway Theatre - Monday 10 Dec. 2018 19:00

HRADEC KRALOVE - Kralove - Tuesday 11 Dec. 2018 19:00

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